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Members Bar Salisbury Room Main Entrance Hall Main Dining Room
Drawing Room
Masterman Room City Suite, Wellington Room Hardwick Room Terrace Garden Garden Room, Terrace Garden
Main entrance
Dining room
main dining room
This magnificent space has echoed with the rumbling laughter of generations of satisfied diners.
The Club’s kitchen focuses on the best of British produce from specially selected farming estates, tailoring menus to showcase the high quality, seasonal ingredients. The Main Dining Room accommodates
120 guests for dinner or drinks receptions for up to 300 guests.
Dimensions L 18.3m : W 9.15m : H 9.15m (167.45sqm)
(Available from 5pm)
Members bar
members’ bar
This grand, panelled, club-style room has seen many intriguing plots hatched around its open fire. With prominent political members such as Sir Robert Peel as frequent visitors, the phrase ‘if only walls could talk’ could have been coined for this room. The Members’ Bar is a cosy and intimate venue for pre-dinner drinks for up to 75 guests.
Dimensions L 12.2m : W 7.92m : H 4.6m (96.62sqm)
(Available from 5pm)
salisbury room
The Salisbury Room was named after one of the Club’s original members, the second Marquis of Salisbury. He had eleven children from two wives so it’s hardly surprising he relished a room of his own. His son, Lord Salisbury, was three times Prime Minister and originated the policy of ‘splendid isolation’ with regard to Europe. These days when you book the stunning Salisbury Room for its unique, intimate atmosphere, we imagine you’re not seeking solitude.
The Salisbury Room accommodates up to 40 for a sociable lunch or dinner.
Dimensions L 8.62m : W 7.92m : H 4.6m (82.4sqm)
Salisbury room
Drawing room
drawing room
The historic Drawing Room is presided over by a portrait of one of the Club’s famous members, the Duke of Wellington, and contributes to the room’s stately gravitas. However, appearances can be deceptive! The Drawing Room has a well-deserved reputation as a brilliant venue for a lively cocktail party. The Duke himself, while not much of a gourmet, was known for his love of a fine wine, so we think he would approve. The Drawing Room can accommodate up to 250 guests.
Dimensions L 25m : W 7.35m : H 5.2m (183.75sqm)
(Available from 5pm)
City suite, Wellington room and Masterman room
City Suite
The City Suite is a versatile space which can operate as one large room, or be subdivided into two or three rooms (each can be booked separately), making it ideal for break-out areas, smaller meetings and private dining.
The rooms accommodate any combination of between 14 and 80 people.
Dimensions L 17.7m : W 5.79m : H 2.7m (102.48sqm)
wellington room and
masterman room
Need a small, discreet meeting space outside the office? The Wellington Room and Masterman Room are ideal for when you don’t want the world to know your business. The rooms each accommodate up to 18 people.
Dimensions of each room L 4.88m : W 5.79m : H 2.7m (28.26sqm)
Hardwick Room
This elegant, high-ceilinged room accommodates up to 100 guests and has a large, pull-down projection screen perfect for presentations.

Book a meeting or conference in the Garden Room and you have use of its spacious, private roof terrace, a contemporary space overlooked by the dramatic City skyline. We guarantee to get your guests some fresh air whatever the British seasons throw at us. If our new, heated umbrellas aren’t enough, we’ll provide pashminas and blankets along with plenty of hot drinks and snacks to encourage that Bulldog spirit.

The Garden Room and Terrace is also the perfect indoor-outdoor space for spring parties, summer BBQs and autumn events.
Garden Room Dimensions L 12.2m : W 7.75m : H 3.5m (94.55sqm)

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